Mill Bay Tennis Club
Mill Bay Community League Tennis Society
Mill May Community League Tennis Club

 - Our intention is to replace the multitude of signs around the courts towards a more uniform, clear and professional look. In inventorying the signs we currently have up, we noticed they refer to the club three different ways...shown above.

In fact our official name is the "Mill Bay Community League Tennis Society" which illustrates our relationship with the Mill Bay Community League...the actual owners of Kerry Park, including the tennis courts we play on. This name is used on official documents like our insurance certificates; our Constitution and ByLaws; the Memorandum of Agreement with the Mill Bay Community League; our AGM documents; Society Act documents etc. Most of these can be found on our website.

Mill Bay Tennis Club is our common name, and should be used on emails, future signage; board minutes...and any other day-to-day activities and announcements.

So now you know....

Have safe...and respectful.

Grant Price, President