Court booking Calendar for Court 1 or 2.

This booking system is for MBTC members only. You can make court bookings in half hour increments. You can book court number 1 or 2. You can not book a court for more than two hours in total and you can only book one court. You can not have a double booking. Only one booking at the time. You can book four days in advance. If you need to cancel a court please do so 24 hours in advance giving others an opportunity to book.  Please email Jaap at to cancel your court.  You will be emailed a confirmation email that you have booked a court.

You can book only when there is no organized tennis.

The Mill Bay Tennis Club members have exclusive rights as follow:
Saturday and Sunday: Sunrise to 13:00.

Tournaments and league play  will take precedent over booking times.
Bring your confirmation email to the court.

Below the Booking  calendar.

I.  You can book Sat & Sun from Sunrise -13:00

In this Calendar, you can make bookings in 30 minute increments for Court 1 or 2 for Saturday & Sunday from Sunrise – 13:00

Please pick an available day