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National Tennis Rating Program

NTRP Self-Rating Guidelines

The NTRP describes the general characteristics that tennis players exhibit in each of the thirteen skill levels.  Depending on your competitive ability and other factors, you may find that you actually play above or below the category that best describes your skill level.  The category you choose is not meant to be permanent, but can be adjusted as your skills chang or as your match play demonstrates the need for reclassification.

To place yourself in an NTRP skill level:

  1. Begin with 1.0.  read the description of the general characteristics carefully and then decide which one best describes your present tennis-playing ability.
  2. Assume you are competing against players of the same gender and ability level
  3. If in doubt, place yourself in the next highest level.

Mill Bay Tennis

Mill Bay, British Columbia

Courts are on Wilkinson Road behind the Kerry Park Recreation Arena.