As promised, here are the minutes to our
“virtual” 2020 AGM 

A copy of the actual minutes and financial report will be up on the website momentarily. They can be found under “ABOUT”, then “Club Documents”. Both documents were reviewed and approved by the old and new board of directors.


1.         Chair – Grant Price

  • In attendance: all members, via email.

2.         Opening remarks – Grant Price, as Club President:

  • Grant thanked the existing board for their time and efforts i.e.:
    • Corinne Price as our Treasurer
    • Lorna Robertson as Membership Director
    • Barbara Eisenberg as our Social and Tournament organizer
    • Hans Dewit as Maintenance Director and Webmaster
    • With a special thank you to Grant and Corinne, who both contributed 3 years on the board, and who may not be re-elected until one years absence…in accordance with our bylaws.
  • Grant also thanked the coordinators who run our two main programs for the club i.e. : Judy Baeckmann and Gail Taylor who run the women’s program; and Gordon Wilkinson who runs the men’s program
  • Thanks also to:
    • Grant and Corinne who paid for new signage at the courts, along with the parking signs; provided car decals for those interested; repaired the nets with Corinne’s industrial sewing; provided balls for tournaments; and offered their ball machine for training sessions;
    • Brian Johnson for hanging the coat and tennis bag hooks, so the seats would be more available for sitting, and for arranging grommets in the fence screens…all at no cost to the club.
    • Glenn Terrell and Julie Rosenthal who have helped with technical issues concerning our website, Mailchimp account and PayPal.
  • Brian Johnson has acted as our liaison with local pickle ball activities and plans. Grant previously explained the value in staying in contact with these activities as many of our members have moved on to pickle ball, or have expressed an interest in learning more about the sport. Grant assured members there was no intent, or interest in sharing our courts, or funding ….it was strictly an informational exchange relationship.

3.         The Minutes from 2018 AGM were approved… and available for review on our website.

4.          Financial Report – Corinne Price, as Treasurer

  • Corinne went through the financial report (available on the website). In short we have $16,200.15 currently in the bank, comprising of $12,167.69 in a term deposit…committed to resurfacing of the courts every 5-7 years. Another $4026.98 remains in the checking account. Last year we brought in $5292.58. We deposited $3000 into the term deposit for resurfacing, and spent another $2876.36 on operational items…the two largest items being insurance and power-washing . In short our spending is under control, saving is on target, and in accordance with the Strategic 3 Year Plan….so all is well.

5.          Director’s Reports:

  • Membership – Lorna Robertson
    • We finish last season with 72 members
    • The Mill Bay Community Police Office continues to support us by advertising in their window, and taking in money and distributing keys.
    • People can sign up on-line, through our website
    • Lorna will advise the Community Policing Office and the Kerry Park Rec Centre that Barbara will be taking on her role in 2020.
  • Maintenance – Hans Dewit
    • Discussions are underway for clean-up plans, and returning benches etc. All will be in place for outdoor play around mid-April….although Court 2 has been in regular use by some keeners.
  • Social and Tournaments  – Barbara Eisenberg
    • Barbara advised all 3 tournaments last year were well attended and positively received…including the after parties.
    • Evening tennis was not well attended, but enjoyed by some.

6.           Election of the 2020 Board:

  • Mike Mills was elected as President for his first year on the board…replacing Grant
  • Sheila Bradshaw was elected as Treasure for her first year on the board…replacing Corinne
  • Barbara Eisenberg was elected Membership Director…her 2nd year on the board…replacing Lorna
  • Lorna Robertson was elected as Social and Tournament Director…her 2nd year on the board…replacing Barbara
  • Richard Furbacher was elected to Maintenance Director for his first year on the board…replacing Hans
  • Hans Dewit was elected as Webmaster…this will be his 3rd year on the board
  • All elected board members were acclaimed into their positions with the thanks and support of our members.

7.           Other Business:

  • Code of Conduct:  Grant Price drafted a Code of Coduct last year and circulated it for discussion. The Code was well received and adopted. Grant promised to table it at the AGM to see if members wanted to incorporate it into our Bylaws, or leave it as a club policy. After receiving some feedback, Grant proposed it remain a club policy…, which was approved.

Virtual Meeting Adjourned 

Grant Price prepared minutes on March 17, 2020.