As promised, here are the minutes to our
“virtual” 2021 AGM 



 March 17, 2021   7:00 p.m.  Mtg ID 725 5694 3855

Attendees: MBTC Board – Mike Mills (Pres), Barbara Eisenberg (Membership), Lorna Robertson                                (Social Director), Sheila Bradshaw (Sec/Treasurer), Richard Furbacher

                                (Maintenance), Jaap Zwaan (Webmaster)  and MBTC members Glenn

                                Terrell, Grant and Corinne Price, Cedric Thompson, Rene Graf, Cathy

                                Waet, Geoff Budd, Jurgen Duewel, David Lane, Susan Rees


Report from President:

  1. Order of business: 2020 AGM minutes. Move to accept as approved: (C Waet), seconded (J Duewel)
  2. Discussion re: BC PHOs/VIHA protocols, and Tennis BC ‘s alignment. No knowledge to date of any MBTC members having

contracted Covid 19. Discussion of keys and issues with safety and a new lock (to be addressed at future meeting). Lack of social activities due Covid. Other reports forthcoming. Funds for resurfacing might be had from CVRD, but MBCL has no money as most income is derived from renting out their building, and that wasn’t feasible due to Covid. Other grants may be available perhaps through the BC gov’t.

Report from Sec/Treasurer:

  1. MBTC in good financial shape (fewer social activities, some new late-season memberships). Two term deposits set up by

C Price (former S/T) rolled over, and third pending ( banked toward future court re-surfacing  ). Usual expenses incurred during 2020 season ( Tennis BC membership, insurance, Society fee, webhosting/domain, PayPal plug-in, power washing of courts) and one extra for site upgrade.

  1. Report from Membership Director:
  2. MBTC had a total of 65 members in 2020 – 35 women*, 30 men. Numbers down due to Covid.

We got extra members because no key was available at KPark, so people were told if they wanted a key, they

had to join the club.  It’s expected membership numbers will go up as the year progresses because many members will be vaccinated,  and the PHO orders may be eased.

  1. Report from Maintenance Director:
  2. Cleanup has been done on the courts already, but power washing will be done in late May after much of the pollen has fallen.
  3. Resurfacing may not be necessary in 2022 – dependent on the court’s condition. Consultation still pending regarding the cracking/settling of the fill beneath the courts. Remediation needs the input of a civil engineer. Quote from PJs (usual  contractor, but issues in 2020) for power washing in 2021 is $2100.   ExcelCor is quoting $1500, fixed.
  1. Elections of Officers for 2021/2022:
  2. Presented as a full slate, of those volunteering for a second year, except Jaap Zwaan, who volunteered to replace Hans d.
  3. beginning in 2021.

Put to vote (M Mills): passed unanimously by attending members.


  1. Report from Social Director:
  2. No plans as yet, pending news and updates from BC Provincial Health. SD will be in touch when social activities look feasible.

Short discussion re: possible outside gathering, as there are several new members.


  1. Play Protocols:

All tennis clubs are following the BC PHOs /Tennis BC procedures, and MBTC will adhere to these, adapting to evolving PHO orders.


  • Keys and Locks/security for the courts in 2021:
  1. MBCL – strongly support a new lock/keys distributed, and better control over who is accessing the courts.
  2. R Furbacher investigated – has found a new lock, with possibility of key prices ranging from $4.50 to over $6/per.

Discussion deferred until next Board mtg.


  1. AOB:
  2. Glenn T expressed thanks to the Board
  3. Jaap discussed use of Mailchimp; some discussion with Grant stating it wasn’t especially intuitive and that there might be a better program out there; Glenn reviewed history of its use; Jaap used MC with many people and RCMSAR34, has been very satisfied with it, and will work with the current setup.


NB  * possible discrepancy



SB   Sec/Treasurer