The website has been updated.
The website no longer contains personal information on members, so there is no longer a need for a password protected area. Other information that was found there, including ByLaws; Memorandum with Mill Bay Community League; AGM minutes and associated Annual Report; Strategic Plan; and regular Board Meeting minutes, are not considered confidential, and will be accessible to all visitors to the website.
Information on planned tournaments and events will start to be included on the Calendar shortly. All will be announced by email as we get closer to their dates.
Co-ordinators to the men's, women's, mixed and social tennis have, or will, shortly be in touch with people who have expressed interest in these areas. While play will start in May, schedules will be for one month at a time, allowing late registrants to be included into the month following the month they register.  Once notified, co-ordinators will place late registrants on the substitution lists, until they are included into the schedule the next month of play.

Have fun...stay healthy...and be respectful.

Grant Price, President