As some of you are aware, the pickleball players who use the indoor courts at the Kerry Park Recreation Centre, have made some enquiries of our club…in particular the possibility of playing on our courts when the indoor courts are not available.

After we met with some of their representatives, it was clear that sharing our courts wasn’t going to be a good idea, primarily because the extra lines on the courts would add confusion, and popular playing times would significantly overlap, creating resentment among players.

After this option was dismissed, we explored the option of promoting new pickleball courts at Kerry Park, on the field below our courts. Several of our tennis player have expressed interest in learning to play pickle ball…in part as they see it being as reasonable alternative when nagging injuries are less likely to be an issue playing pickle ball. Plus many of the current pickle ball players are former members of our club.

To this end, I have expressed our support for the CVRD putting in the pickleball courts below ours, such that it might foster a relationship towards mutual benefits. Any future affiliations wouldn’t impact our tennis court availability, nor any funds we have accumulated (towards resurfacing our courts in the future).

If you have any comments our questions, let me know. I will pass on any updates as they become available.

Cheers Grant Price, President