We need you to “take a turn”.

Three years ago I was asked to assume the role as President of the club. I said I would…not because I wanted to, or thought it would look good on my resumé. I simply believe that if you participate in something, particularly a volunteer driven organization, you need to “take your turn” at helping out.

The club Bylaw restricts board members from serving longer than 3 years. This is a good rule as it stops cliques from forming in the board, and organizing things to their advantage.

Corinne and I have served 3 years and must step down at our next AGM…which will occur next March 2020.

In short we will need members to volunteer for 4 roles:

  1. President (Grant has served his 3 years).
  2. Treasurer (Corinne has served her 3 years).
  3. Maintenance Director (Hans will stay on the board for another year as Webmaster) but would like to step down as Maintenance Director.
  4. Secretary/Communication Director  (I do my own board agendas and minutes, plus emails to members), so we haven’t needed this role for the last 3 years. But depending on who volunteers to be on the board, this portfolio may need to be resurrected.

Lorna Robertson has agree to stay on the board as Social Director; Barbara Eisenberg will stay on as Membership Director, and Hans Dewit as Webmaster.

The club is in good shape, and on track with our Strategic Plan. I have also produced a binder which was organized to make my life in this role easier. It calendarizes things that need to occur throughout the year, plus includes Board minutes; emails; finances; club documents etc. that provide examples using what has happened in the past. In addition, I’m prepared to attend the first several board meetings as Past President, until all board members are comfortable in their new roles.

So, please step up and take your turn.

Grant Price, President