A spreadsheet with member information has been compiled.

When you inputted your information into the form accessed through our website, it was downloaded onto an excel spreadsheet. This was shared with the coordinators who then organized...the men's league; women's league; mixed doubles; social tennis and practise events.

In the past this information was also put on the website behind a password protected area. Many members had problems accessing this area. To simplify things we removed the need for a password, and at the same time removed this personal information from the website....as announced in my last email.

Most members are fine using the information they receive from the coordinators to contact other members to sub for them or play a game outside of organized play. However some members like to access the broader list to find others players, e.g. at similar NTRP levels etc.

Before making this information (i.e. your name, mailing address, phone number; email address and NTRP level) available to members on request, we wanted to give you the opportunity to have all, or a portion of your personal information removed. Please keep in mind this has been available to all members in the past, provided they accessed the password portion of the website.

To have any, or all of your information removed from the lists that are shared with other members, please respond to this email. 

Have fun...be safe...and respectful.

Grant Price, President