It's been a few months now and we'd like to know if you have any comments or suggestions for what we have done to date, or what we could be doing. 

Some of the activities we have undertaken:
 - changed and upgraded the signs from the old, ugly and outdated ones
 - put some hooks up for coats and bags so the benches would be more available for sitting
 - arranged for the courts to have some warranty work done on them...originally planned for late may, but due to health issues is now moved to the end of the season
 - put up screening at the north end of the courts and authorized the purchase of one more. By next year we will have new black screens at both ends of the courts.
- put aside $3000 (this year) towards the resurfacing of the courts in 5-7 years. This is by far the largest expenditure we have, and by consistently putting aside this money each year, we ensure that we have the funding to resurface the courts every 5-7 years...based on their condition.
 - maintain the grounds surrounding the courts, so wayward balls have half a chance to be found.
 - held one tournament with two others in the works
 - organized, through the efforts of our volunteers, the men's, women's, mixed and social programs
 - organized lessons and  practise time

Let us know what you think.

Have safe...and be respectful.

Grant Price, President