the time and location is noted above. Please attend.
the agenda will include a Financial report so you get a feel for what our operating budget looks like, and what’s in our saving account…used to resurface our courts every 5-7 years.
also on the agenda are reports from each of the current board members; the election of the new board for this season; and any “New Business” you would like to table at the meeting. Please let me know if you do have something you’d like discussed.
Other Business:
I will be sending out another email once our on-line membership application form is amended for this year. The fees are still $75 per member, but the evening programs (referred to as Mixed Doubles and Social Tennis) have be amalgamated to one category called “Evening Tennis – Monday to Friday”. The former two programs were poorly attended, and a challenge to manage, so we thought we’d simplify the offering and see what the level of interest is in playing evenings. Based on interest, we will explore options with those willing to play at that time.
the courts, and surrounding grounds will be worked on…usually late March or early April…based on weather. The timing will ensure all programs have good looking courts to play on…which usually starting in May.
there will be no change to the court entrance key, so if you want to get on the courts earlier than organized play, go for it. But you may want to take a blower or broom, just in case you beat the maintenance crew.

Cheers Grant Price, President