You can register on line directly or download the form.  You can make your payment by cash or cheque payable to Mill Bay Tennis Club or E-Transfer to . When registering online Instructions will be included in your confirmation email after registration. Click on one of the  buttons below to begin your registration. Filled out forms and payment can be made to Sheila Bradshaw, Barbara Eisenberg or Mike Mills. Barbara and Mike will also have new keys available at that time.

The Mill Bay Tennis Club is open to everyone in our community.  You do not have to live in Mill Bay to become a member.    If you are interested in joining the club and playing with one or more of our leagues register now online.  Season opens on April 1st and most leagues begin early May.  The annual fee is $75.00 for an individual membership. If you want or need a key that will be an additional $10.

You have two choices below to Register

  1. Register Online and pay Later by E-transfer to,  cash or cheque written to the Mill Bay Tennis Club.
  2. Download Registration Form and pay Later by E-transfer to, cash or Cheque written to the Mill Bay Tennis Club.

On Line Registration 2021

    Important Note

    If you are completing this form, you register now and pay later for your membership by E-transfer, cash or cheque.

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    Choose below if you would like to pay for an Individual Membership or a Membership with Key.

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    For complete descriptions and definitions of these levels Click Here. Note: This will open up a new tab, to continue registration click on the registration tab after reviewing and complete the form.

    Organized Activities
    1. We have several organized activities. Please check which activities you would like to register to play and which activities you would like to be on the spare list. The organizer will be in contact with you.

    2. PlaySpare
    3. PlaySpare
    4. PlaySpare
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    Any Special instructions for the Membership Director?

    Mill Bay Tennis

    Mill Bay, British Columbia

    Courts are on Wilkinson Road behind the Kerry Park Recreation Arena.